jelbows: Ergonomic Wrist Rests and Elbow Pads for your Desktop

The jelbows story is very simple.

We grew tired of leaving the office with beat up, sore arms from sitting at our desks.

We made jelbows to make life more comfortable. That's it.

If you sit at a desk, jelbows were made for you!

jelbows Options

1. Clear, 4" or 6" in diameter

2. Black, 4" or 6" in diameter

 3. Blue, 4" or 6" in diameter

4. Customize your color and logo


jelbows Features


Two non-slip medium-soft gel pads provide the best support for wrists, arms, and elbows


Works well anywhere you need extra support - at work on a desk, on a armrest in your car or truck, on a countertop or workbench


Helps alleviate the discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive wrist strain complaints


Multiple colors available to choose from - mix and match, buy two pair and work in comfort and style


Just run under some warm water to wash or disinfect with rubbing alcohol

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jelbows Sold

I work at home using a computer for hours a day, and my elbows and forearms often hurt or were irritated by the constant pressure of resting them against the desk. I went searching for a solution and found these jelbows! Brilliant!! It takes a little experimentation to find the sweet spot of placement on your desk, and as you would imagine, that sweet spot changes depending you your posture and task. I use these in combination with Gelepad 3x8 - Ultra Soft Gel Pad for Instant Comfort and Improved Ergonomic Sitting/Working for Elbow, Arm, Wrist - Armrest, Wrist Rest - Car Truck, Home, Office, Industrial for a much more comfortable set up. I use the Gelepad plus mousepad with wrist support on my right side for using the mouse. The 2 jelbows are positioned in front of my keyboard for typing.

These are fantastic! My elbows thank you! I'd like to give a HUGE Shoutout to Chris, your CEO. I received a personal and handwritten letter with my Jelbows (and a complimentary pair of the BIG Jelbows) when I had an issue with my Amazon order. I am an extremely happy customer-what fantastic customer service! Thank you, and may your actions serve as a fine example to your employees and others what excellent customer service it. I will be singing your praises to everyone in the office (lots of us have your products here at TalentBridge!) THANK YOU!

So I've been using these for a few months now, every weekday at work. Prior to buying these, I actually wore holes in the elbows of several sweet button up shirts of mine, exactly where my elbows contact my desk. These have prevented that from happening, and also increase the overall comfort of my work space. If you have anything negative happening around your elbow from repeated exposure to hard objects, you owe it to yourself to give them a fair try. Physically, they're quite firm, so unlike other products that are "gel." This actually makes them very good for resisting the weight of an entire arm, though, so the elbow is an ideal spot for them... I mean, they are called "jelbows."

OK. So I have had bursiris on my elbow for some time now from leaning on it at work. It wasn't bothering me except for the big bulbous pocket on my elbow. I was fine until my husband said "you need to do something about that" (thanks, dear). Starting looking on Amazon and found Jelbows. Ordered them and within a day (yes a day) of using them, giant bulbous elbow is GONE and still gone and hubby cam look at my elbow once ahain. I will never be without my Jelbow! What a difference!!


of how jelbows have helped ease the pain of over 10,000 customers. We've read every single review and have been touched by just how much one little gel pad can change someone's life. Come read their stories and see how their lives have changed.

The Best Ergonomic Office Accessory Ever!

Hear the jelbows' review from EpicDroid - someone that works on a computer all day only to come home and play on his computer more. He's had carpal tunnel for many years and used to deal it with simply by ignoring the pain and contorting awkward positions just to avoid pinching his nerves. It wasn't until he tried jelbows that he found a cure to his discomfort. In his own words, "jelbows are awesome!"

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