Tennis Elbow Treatment | 5 Solutions to Your Tennis Elbow Problem

Tennis elbow cures and prevention

How to treat Tennis Elbow?

First off, don’t worry too much — tennis elbow often heals on its own. Give your elbow a break and it will naturally heal on its own. But in case you’re in serious pain or are looking how to prevent tennis elbow in the future, here are 5 solutions to tennis elbow — both short term and long term.

Quick Solutions for Tennis Elbow

1.Ice Your Elbow – Icing your elbow is your best bet for immediately reducing both the pain and the swelling. If you are experiencing tennis elbow, ice your elbow roughly every 20-30minutes. Continue this throughout the days in 3 or 4-hour increments. Continue until the pain is gone (this will take between 1-3 days).


2. Taking an Anti-inflammatory – AKA take an ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin! If the pain and swelling are both quite bad, then this will also give you some immediate relief. Combined with the icing, this can handle most of your problems. Take note that this category of drug can cause side effects (bleeding, ulcers, etc). Use them occasionally.

3. Put on an elbow strap  or brace – to protect the injured tendon from any other potential damage or strain

Jelbow elbow brace

Long Term Solutions for Tennis Elbow

4.Use a desk gel pad – make sure your elbow doesn’t unnecessarily experience strain on a daily basis. Most people don’t realize that their desk posture may cause them to slowly building up elbow tension, further heightening their problems.

5. Stretches — Performing a range of motion exercises can directly help to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility.

Jelbow stretches

In Conclusion


Hopefully, these 5 treatments will help you both now and later. Of course, if the problem persists please consult your doctor. If you can grip heavy objects, put weight on it, or you can flex and move elbow without and trouble, then you are well on your way to recovery.

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