Gel Elbow Pads For Desk

jelbow gel pads for desk

Are there Gel Elbow Pads for Desks?

Answer me this — where do you rest your elbows when you’re typing? Do you leave them in the air? Do leave them off the table? Or do they press them directly against the table? I’m guessing your not using gel elbows pads for desks.

If you’re doing the latter, then you might notice a distinct elbow pain after holding this posture for a long time. In fact, this can directly cause inflammation in the elbow and may lead to a sac of fluid emerging right around your elbow. Is this avoidable? You bet. This is exactly the situation that brought about the rise of jelbows: an elbow pad for your desk. If you put a cushion underneath your elbow you automatically relieve pressure from this high-stress area. Instead of the bone pushing down on a nerve and squishing it, now you’ve got some space. Far too many people don’t even realize that you can be supporting your elbow when you’re typing or writing. It can be as simple as putting a pillow under the appendage. But the absolute best how to

How To Reduce  “Desk Tennis Elbow”

Extended periods of typing with your elbow pressed against the table results in a continuous build up of pressure. There are many ways to reduce the pressure and stop from getting an inflamed elbow.

Most people know the term ergonomics. Some desks are ergonomic and discourage the user from leaning on the table. Computer keyboards and keyboard trays have ergonomics that place them lower than the desk, giving more room for the user to extend their arms.Both reduce the occurrence of harmful behavior through its intrinsic design

Even chairs with arm rests are a much better choice than leaning your elbow on the table!

Ergonomic computer mouses

Some mice are specially designed to reduces the movement of the hand and save your elbow. Note: its also important to never use the mouse without a pad, since that forces you to put pressure on your wrist as well as your elbow.  There are are many professions where spending hours on the computer such as programming is inevitable and therefore you need to invest in a desk or chair with padded armrest.

jelbow pads for desk
elbow pads for desks

Gel elbow pads for desk

However, the most obvious choice (and best choice!) is to buy an elbow pad for your desk. This is much better than a pillow. This is a specially designed pad (much like a mouse pad) that is firm enough to support your elbow but soft enough to relieve the tension.

Gel pads mimic the natural comfort offered by the fluid inside the elbow. While the gel acts as a near perfect elbow rest pad for your desk, still any use without taking the pressure off your elbow will still lead to inflammation.


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