4 Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Jelbows Carpal Tunnel
  1. Stop activities that use your fingers, hand, or wrist in ways that are causing you discomfort. Although it seems obvious, people are used to their habits and might try to avoid stopping the activities that cause their carpal tunnel syndrome. The first step is to rest, and only when your symptoms improve, gradually resume your activity. Remember, when you resume your activity work on your wrist posture and make sure to keep straight or slightly bent.
jelbows wrist rest
2. Ice
  1. Put ice on your wrist when the pain comes. Each session can be for 10-15 minutes. You can do sessions hourly or more.

Jelbows Ice Pack


3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

  1. Take ibuprofen or other NSAIDs to both relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. To date, studies haven’t shown NSAIDs to be effective for carpal tunnel syndrome, but they may help relieve your symptoms. Use the medicine as prescribed on the bottle using vigilant caution.

Jelbows ibuprofen


4. Use gel pad

  1. When on the computer use a desk gel pad (like jelbows) where your wrist is. The pads are circles that you can put at any contact point between your arm and desk. This helps support your wrist for the majority of the time you’re working (which for most of us, is all the time!).

After the pain has subsided, continue to update your lifestyle to one that prevents carpal tunnel in the first place. Also, keep up with exercises for flexibility and strength for your arm and wrist.

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