100% Money Back Guarantee

What if I don’t like my jelbows?
While nothing makes us feel more deflated than to have any of our jelbows family disappointed, we know sometimes things just don’t live up to expectations. At jelbows, we offer a full 30 day trial period with no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied, send us your pair back within the first 30 days, and we will refund you the full amount.Can we customize our own logo and color?Absolutely! Please email us about the customizing process at info@jelbows.com.In order to build our friendship and family, we will return with an answer as fast as humanly possible.Thank you!

How soft are these pads?

We tested 5 different densities on this product before coming to market. I’m not sure that a subjective statement on comfort is appropriate however you can be assured they enhance comfort at a considerable rate over a long life expectancy.

Is this the kind where the covering over the gel will come apart and the gel stuff oozes out?

No it isn’t. It is solid and doesn’t have a skin on out the outside.

Can these be easily cleaned?

Yes, I use anti-bacterial wipes on mine.

I like the pads, but can’t ignore the strong smell coming from them, do they contain any harmful chemicals?

The smell is only strong at the beginning.

Does it stick to smooth surfaces to the extent that it may damage laminated desktops?

Not at all.

How many pads come in the pack?

There are 2 per a pack.

Do they come in pairs?

Yes. They ship in pairs.

Why are these not available in Canada? My elbow hurts.

Our apologies, we only ship domestic to the US at the moment. Where at in Canada are you? Email
is at info@jelbows.com to see if we can help. One of our founders is from Ontario and will figure out a way 😉